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We have the industries top Barber Colman technicians who can work on any of your Barber Colman Machines!! Whether you need mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or controls support we are the experts you can count on!

We repair control the programmable boards....
We have all the tooling for your Barber Colman 14-15, 16-16 and 6-10  machines....


Barber Colman rebuild/Retro-fit options 

All Models

#1  Mini Retro fit Packages  - Add servo control to the carriage feed with HMI touch screen

** Allows for push button easy feed rate changes

** Eliminates the archaic oil gear pump

** Eliminates all push buttons and replaced with HMI touch screens

** Replaces 90% of the old archaic obsolete hardware inside control panel

#2  Full Retro fit Packages  - Add (4) axis servo control with 15” Display and P2 PC Unit

* NUM FLEXIUM 8 Platform CNC Control

*  Four Axis CNC Control as follows:  Hob Rotation – B-Axis, Work Rotation – C-Axis, Center Distance – X-Axis, and Axial Distance – Z-Axis, programmable by menu using NUM Flexium 8 CNC Controller. 

*  Operator inputs all gear data by keyboard.

*  Standard Hobbing Cycles can be programmed via graphic format at machine or downloaded through an RS-232.

MER process for this job

Receive machine from customer

Perform Certification Program (see below)

-  All broken electrical wires and cables will be repaired

-  All cycles will be tested and verified as fully functional

-  All defective controls will be replaced or repaired

-  All defective sensors will be replaced

-  All features will be tested and verified as fully functional

-  All filters will be changed

-  All worn hoses will be replaced

-  Coolant system checked for problems and repaired if necessary

-  Coolant tank and system cleaned

-  Hob head will be rebuilt / spindle taper reground and face

-  Hydraulic system drained and cleaned

-  Machine will be thoroughly cleaned

-  Ways and gibs checked for problems and re-scraped/flaked as needed

-  Work table drive system checked for problems and repaired if necessary

-  Document all geometry to original OEM specifications and make adjustments to repair

Retro-fit machine with NUM Flexium 8 as described above

Run off/training at MER for customer final approval prior to shipping