Send your Spindle Units, Scalper Spindles C-Axis gearbox and Rams to the real Professionals. Our technicians and engineers have many years experience working on and engineering Ingersoll Milling machines and accessories.  Upon receiving your unit at MER our technicians perform a quality evaluation.

  1. Set up on test stand and perform incoming checks
  2. Disassemble the unit and clean all internal parts
  3. After a through evaluation of all individual parts and stack ups we submit an evaluation report with pictures to the customer. Along with our repair recommendations / quotation.
  4. We receive customer approval and from there we begin the re-build process..
  5. Our technicians are the very best at rebuilding your unit back to OEM specifications.
  6. During the rebuild process we keep our customers informed on timelines and expected delivery dates with conference calls and project management schedules.
  7. Once the unit is reassembled properly it is put on our state of the art  run-in stand. We have a complex final run-in procedure which not only checks all geometry but also captures time and temperature points of each bearing inside the unit.
  8. We then paint and re-tag the unit, carefully crate it for shipping. We ship the unit with all final run-in sheets, summary sheet and time/temperatures graphs.


MER technicians will remove and replace C-Axis gearboxes, Rams, work on equipment breakdowns, planned maintenance, level and alignments or any other issues you have with your Ingersoll Milling machines. We also provide technical support for service and equipment upgrade by our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers/technicians.

Upgrade Examples:

  • Repair bed, rail and ram ways and add hardened wear tapes for a more durable design, longer life, easier and lower cost maintenance.
  • Improved way wiper system for way and liner longer life
  • Redesigned Z-Axis ball screw cover protection
  • Replaceable spline adapters to eliminate spindle repair

  • Improved spindle unit seal designs
  • Improved drum seals to protect Heienhain scales

MER can obtain new non-OEM parts, used parts and reverse engineered parts for your Ingersoll Milling Machines and attachments.

MER has access to hundreds of used spindle units. We work with our customers to adapt spindle units their specific needs. We can refurbish the unit, redesign a vertical spindle to be used in a horizontal orientation, redesign spindle units gear ratios or change reach lengths on lower housings. And anything else your machine needs to cut your parts.

MER engineers and engineer support team can design and build new spindle units for both the Ingersoll Masterhead and Mastercenter milling machines. From Right Angle, Straight and swivel units in many different ratios and in both 50taper and 60taper.

Control Retrofit Packages - Let us put together a package for you that includes upgrading and refurbishing mechanical items during the downtime.. 

Let our staff work with you to come up with what best fits your company strategy needs.  Contact Us Today !