MER will rebuild your machine in our facility or in your facility. We always like to evaluate the current condition of your machine prior to completing the final quotation. MER works with our customers up front with options to allow the customer to make great economic decisions. We can get you a budgetary quote within a day.

MECHanical rebuild

  Restore Machine Alignments Mechanically

  Hand-scrape way surfaces back into alignment, adding frictionless bearing material

  Repair or replace damaged manufactured parts

  All Bearings & Seals Replaced
  Electrical System Meets NFPA Standards
  Rebuild Hydraulic System
  Rebuild Lubrication System
  Rebuild Coolant System
  Rebuild or Replace Feed screws and Feed nuts
  All broken electrical wires and cables will be repaired
  All defective sensors will be replaced
  All worn hoses will be replaced
  All filters will be changed
  Machine will be thoroughly cleaned
  Document all geometry to original OEM specifications
  Polane Painted machine to customer color specification
  Run off/training at MER for customer final approval prior to shipping


        MER considers the following as a machine tool remanufacture

  • Mechanical – Complete mechanical overhaul of wear items (gears, seals, bearings)
  • Geometrical – Grinding of way surfaces, replacing slide way material , hand scraping and fitting to original factory tolerances
  • Motion Control Technology – Engineered modular drive systems ( gear boxes / ball screws / rack & pinion )
  • Electrical – New CNC control , servo drives, electric cabinet , operator pendent , machine wiring , positioning & feedback systems
  • Hydraulic & Lubrication – Ensure proper machine function and high reliability

MER will redesign old antiquated gear boxes and complex transmissions - modernized with new drive systems. Solutions are engineered using the most advanced and up to date technical equipment on the market. With a remanufacture solution MER will provide new assembly prints and maintenance documentation. MER can support you with replacement parts and in field service.


MER has some of the best control engineers in the industry. MER works with our customers up front with options to allow the customer to make great economic decisions. Machine retrofits are possible in various levels. A retrofit can be as basic as replacing old axes motors and drives with new AC digital servo technology. A comprehensive retrofit for example would include an all new machine electrical system such as CNC control, AC digital servo motors and drives, complete machine wiring, linear and rotary encoders for closed loop positioning feedback, new operator pendent, and new electrical cabinet. MER will provide partial or complete documentation package including electrical schematics, fault lists, and troubleshooting guidelines in electronic format or hard copy.

MER uses the following CNC controls:
       --- SIEMENS
  • --- FANUC
  • --- FAGOR
  • --- NUM

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